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Introducing oAppsNET’s Esker On Demand Oracle Connector

We’ve got you covered

With our proven pre-built connectors, you can focus on the business process instead of building custom integration layers.

oAppsNET’s 25+ years of experience and dedication to Oracle and a 5+ years partnership with Esker provides the expertise to build a single Esker on demand to Oracle Connector for all of Esker’s solutions to Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion.

Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Fusion via an Esker connector streamlines data exchange, ensuring accuracy while reducing manual effort. This automation enhances process visibility and transparency, allowing real-time tracking and informed decision-making.

It also boosts overall efficiency by automating tasks freeing resources for more strategic activities. In essence, the Esker connector bridges the gap between EBS and Fusion, offering improved data flow, better insights, and increased operational efficiency, making it a valuable asset for businesses aiming to optimize their Oracle applications integration.

Below are some of the most prominent oAppsNET features behind the benefits:

    • Seamless touchless synchronization of both master & transactional data between Oracle EBS & Fusion
Pre-built Connector between Esker platform and Oracle Fusion & EBS platforms
Pre-configured common Oracle ERP validations
Connector is supported by oAppsNET so your Company can focus on the business and oAppsNET takes care of the connector
    • Simple to apply data transformation and validations by using our custom hooks
    • Ability to own, store, and retrieve all your transactional and supporting documents within you Oracle ecosystem by using Oracle Content Management
    • We synchronize your transactions by building a direct link from Oracle back to Esker

Find out how our Esker to Oracle Connector can help you.

September 5, 2023