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oAppsNET Group is an Oracle Partner that specializes in financial business solutions based on the Oracle ecosystem. With pre-built connectors to DocuSign® and Oracle ERPs and customizable pre-built workflows.

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Oracle Partner

oAppsNET Group is an Oracle Partner that specializes in financial business solutions based on the Oracle ecosystem. Our consulting team averages 20+ years of hands-on experience and are well versed in the Procure To Pay Space.

Our OAN DocuSign® Portal provides a workspace where people, process and technology come together. Technology is used to build a process that balances automation with data quality control which empowers people to focus their efforts on the areas which require attention and improvement.

Our OAN DocuSign® application consists of pre-built & pre-configured DocuSign® integration that includes document management workflows along with Oracle ERP connectors that make your document management a breeze.

If your organization wants to transform your document management process without upgrading or updating your ERP systems, then our OAN DocuSign® Portal  is your answer.


  • Predefined Vendor Workflow 
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Support Predefined Templates and Company Documents
  • Inter-Departmental Collaboration
  • Advanced Approval Routing
  • Audit Support
  • Supports Any Document Types  
  • Pre Built Reports & Self Service Reporting
  • PreBuilt DocuSign® Connector
  • PreBuilt Oracle ERP  & OCM Connector

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Our patented three-prong approach allows us to cover all aspects of your business’s digital transformation.

  • The right people are seeing the right set of data that helps to make the best decisions
  • Provides ability for team members from different groups to collaborate online to maintain documents
  • Reduce time spent researching document issues
  • Departments can focus on the analysis and processing of exceptions versus data entry activities
  • Users are held accountable to process their documents in a timely manner
  • Managers can identify bottlenecks and spot process improvements

The cycle continues with People using these improvements to improve the overall Process!

  • Document requests are guided through the invoice lifecycle with the use of a standard set of workflows, steps, statuses, and actions which ensure the documents are fully prepared for the final destination…the ERP system
  • Workflows are fully configurable to meet your specific business needs
  • Standard and custom business rules are applied to keep the document on the right track
  • Summary views and reports bring visibility to process trends and bottlenecks
  • The portal unifies Document requests to follow a single global process
  • Audit and Compliance support is provided via Recorded Event History throughout the entire process

The process cannot be made a reality without the use of technology …

  • Provides user interface which is pleasant and easy to use
  • Platform to efficiently gather the information to support vendor creation or updates
  • Tightly integrates with DocuSign® & ERP system
  • Utilization of DocuSign® setups and configurations to apply specific business rules/validations
  • Seamless interface process with DocuSign® system
  • Apply business rule logic to:
    • Automate the derivation of data
    • Automate the triggering of flow actions
    • Identify exceptions
  • Real-time metrics
  • Easily integrates with existing User Security software
  • Application screens and forms support multiple languages to allow localizations
  • Integration with common User Security platforms
  • Role-Based Security by Shared Service Center

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