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Accounts Payable Portal

oAppsNET Group is an Oracle Partner that specializes in financial business solutions based on the Oracle ecosystem. With pre-built connectors to Oracle EBS and customizable pre-built workflows.

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An Accounts Payable Portal for Everyone

A consulting team averages 20+ years of hands-on experience and is well versed in the accounts payable automation space is available to help your business succeed.

The OAN accounts payable application provides a workspace where people, processes, and technology come together. Technology is used to build a process that balances automation with data quality control which empowers people to focus their efforts on the areas which require attention and improvement

The OAN accounts payable application consists of pre-built & pre-configured accounts payable workflows along with multiple Oracle ERP connectors that make our implementation a breeze.

If your organization has multiple ERP systems, then the OAN application can front end all those ERP systems (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft) to give your organization a global single entry point and process. Transform your accounts payable process without upgrading or updating your ERP systems, then our OAN accounts payable application is your answer.

OAN Portal Overview

The OAN Accounts Payable portal provides a workspace where People, Process and Technology come together.

Technology is used to build a process that balances automation with data quality control which empowers people to focus their efforts on the areas which require attention and improvement.

AP Automaton application is where People, Process and Technology come together.

We believe there’s a better way to harness the power of information and analytics in the age of digital disruption.

  • The right people are seeing the right set of data that helps to make the best decisions
  • Provides ability for team members from different groups to collaborate online to prepare an invoice for payment
  • Data is put into the hands of people so they can make informed decisions which save the company money
  • Ensure invoices with discounts are processed and paid on time
  • Prevent duplication of invoice payment
  • Reduce time spent researching issues and recovering funds
  • AP team can focus on the analysis and processing of exceptions versus data entry activities
  • Users are held accountable to process their documents in a timely manner
  • AP Managers can identify bottlenecks and spot process improvements

The cycle continues with People using these improvements to improve the overall Process!

  • AP Documents are guided through the invoice lifecycle with the use of a standard set of workflows, steps, statuses, and actions which ensure the documents are fully prepared for the final destination…the ERP system
  • Workflows are fully configurable to meet your specific business needs
    Standard and custom business rules are applied to keep the document on the right track
  • Summary views and reports bring visibility to process trends and bottlenecks
  • The portal connects related processes into the main AP workflow and consolidates a set of procedures into a single process (Duplicate Invoice Identification, Supplier Maintenance)
  • The portal unifies AP flows to follow a single global process which can be used across multiple shared service centers and ERP systems
  • Audit and Compliance support is provided via:
    Recorded Event History throughout the entire AP Automation process (Capture Invoice to Post Import into ERP)
  • Ability to search document content store to download document images, in mass, based on entered parameters

The process cannot be made a reality without the use of technology …

  • Provides user interface which is pleasant and easy to use
  • Platform to efficiently gather the information needed to prepare an invoice for payment
  • Tightly integrates with ERP system
  • Utilization of ERP setups and configurations to apply specific business rules/validations
  • Seamless interface process into the ERP system
  • Apply business rule logic to:
    • Automate the derivation of data
    • Automate the triggering of flow actions
    • Identify exceptions
  • Real-time metrics
  • Easily integrates with existing User Security software
  • Application screens and forms support multiple languages to allow localizations
  • Duplicate Invoice Detection
  • Integration with common User Security platforms
  • Role-Based Security by Shared Service Center

Want to find out more about our AP Portal?

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oAppsNET AP Portal Can Help Maximize Resources

This graphic shows the average number of days between the date an invoice is scanned into WebCenter Capture and the date it is validated by an AP Accountant.

The AP Dashboard allows AP team members to monitor tasks in WebCenter Capture, WebCenter WFR, the AP Portal, and the interface table between the portal and EBS on the same page. In addition, EBS holds are shown on the dashboard. Prior to the AP Portal, AP users would have to log in to each application for task counts and task details in that application.

AP Metrics are now available on a dashboard as well. The metrics included are Discounts at Risk, Past-Due Invoices, a 12-month Invoice Trend line graph, and two bar graphs showing Invoice Count and Invoice Amount for the last 12 months. An AP user with proper security can click on the graphics of these two dashboards to view the data behind the chart. The data can be downloaded plus the user can create charts, group the data or create pivot tables within the portal.

Identify edIata elements that could be completed by both the AP team and AP customers within the new coding form and this change can streamline the review once the invoice arrived in Oracle in EBS.

Need more information?

You can download the OAN AP Portal Brochure and our most recent case study below.

OAN Portal Brochure