Denver, Colorado

Advanced Training for Development of Oracle Reports 6i / 9i

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Topics covered

  • Generate reports in Character Mode for WYSIWYG 
  • How functions work within a report
  • Are there pro’s/con’s to using multiple queries vs. a single query with joins in a report? 
  • How best to manage groups of data so that little or no intervention is needed to the report layout. 
  • Best approach to adding an additional field to a report layout. 
  • Layout navigation – Secrets to moving or centering objects. 
  • Layout (grouping, breaks, use of different formats, page setups) 
  • Creating and dropping temp tables in reports. Doing massive amounts of “setup” queries before the reports can be generated. Or, failing that, calling a report from PL/SQL. 
  • Advanced Topics

Author: Tom Korbecki

March 7, 2020