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3 Smart Tools for Procurement Teams for 2023

Businesses around the globe are turning digital, thanks to the major digital revolution happening right as we speak. According to surveys, 89% of global businesses have either adopted a digital business strategy or are planning to do so soon.

Various tools can take businesses to a new level of success. As more businesses become digital, these tools are necessary for companies to survive and excel. 

Today we will look at one particular section of business — procurement. Procurement involves everything from purchasing services and goods for the company required for business needs. 

In other words, procurement for businesses involves all the activities of business spending. Procurement can also rely on digital tools to make it better. In this article, we will look at a few smart tools that procurement can use in the coming year. 

Sourcing Tools

Sourcing tools are essential tools that help manage and assist businesses’ entire sourcing and procurement process. It can help procurement teams locate and identify new suppliers.

Sourcing tools can also help you gain insight into supplier information and a complete view of your inventory, enabling you to understand what you need to source and from which entity to source.

Here are a few features to look out for while you are searching for a good sourcing tool:

  • Eradicates all kinds of paper agreements and converts all transactions and actions into paperless procedures
  • A seamless inventory that automatically updates existing information according to the latest occurrence
  • Includes feature to effectively manage the budget to understand the flow of funds and restrict overspending

Supplier Management Tools

Earlier, managing suppliers and vendors manually was a tremendous job. You had to consistently keep in touch with your suppliers and ended up with confusion and miscommunication. However, with the digital world set in, such issues are not a big hassle anymore. 

What a supplier management tool does is just as its name suggests — help you manage your business suppliers. So, the entire process is condensed into the software with a centralized dashboard to help you see complete information about your vendors and their status. 

It also helps ease communication, thus making it easier for collaboration and data management. Take a look at a few must-have features for a good supplier management tool:

  • Efficient tracking features to automatically update information regarding suppliers and the status of deals
  • A centralized dashboard or management system that allows you to have an overview of all supplier and vendor image 
  • Self-servicing features for suppliers such as information and status updates 
  • Easy interface and communication features to avoid delaying matters 

Contract Risk Management Tools 

Lastly, one of the intelligent tools that your procurement team must have is the contract risk management tool. Anyone in procurement understands the time and effort it takes to review contract risk. While you may be extremely careful while tracking such risk, it can easily get difficult when multiple vendors come into the scene.

Contract risk management tools help you keep track of all such risk factors efficiently and easily. From tracking risks to tracking the lifecycle of contracts, these tools are simple yet miraculous tools that help simplify the entire process. 

Here are a few characteristics that a good contract risk management tool will offer you:

  • Identification and data mining properties enhanced with automation 
  • Automated notification and workflow systems to avoid complications of duties and tasks
  • Robust risk management, assessment, and mapping features


The world is progressing at a fascinating rate where everything and anything is being impacted by technology and the internet. In such an environment, it would be a waste not to use these benefits to develop your business. 

These procurement tools are precisely the opportunities that can benefit your company in the coming year. Now is the time to take the leap if you have not yet stepped into the digital era. 

Procurement tools can help you manage your procurement procedures much more easily than traditional methods. Not only that, they help contribute to reducing expenditure costs while enhancing supplier relationships. 

With the aid of artificial intelligence and automation, almost everything in the procurement process is simplified and made efficient. Help your procurement team ace their jobs, and take advantage of these procurement tools in 2023!

December 22, 2022