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New extended support for Template Directives in Oracle APEX

In Oracle APEX 22.2 new support for Template Directives is now available for both Classic and Interactive Reports. 

Template Directives enable the ability to apply client-side directives to control the formatting of your data returned from SQL.  

In the past, when creating an interactive report, developers had no options when it came to formatting special columns, such as multiple values returned for each SQL query line.  Now with new Template directives, you can place the formatting in the APEX tool, leaving your SQL queries clean from client-side formatting.

How about an example?

Let’s say a developer needs to display data in an interactive report that contains a column with multiple values. 

In the past, developers could only display the data as it was presented in the SQL statement, unless they introduced client-facing code, like HTML items like bulleted lists, or tables, etc, within the SQL query.

Now with APEX 22.2, developers can place any client-facing formatting code outside the SQL statement, making the statement much cleaner to read and maintain.

Lets display data from this table:  EBA_DEMO_APPR_APPROVERS.

As you can see the raw data in the JOB_CODES field has a colon-separated list of job codes for each user.

To display data in this table in a report, we have created an APEX Interactive report using the table as the Source.

When displayed without formatting the Job Codes field is shown as it is returned in the SQL statement in an interactive report:

Now, after adding a template directive in the Column Formatting section of the IR, within the HTML Expression field for JOB_CODES, a bulleted list can be displayed

HTML Expression code:

<ul class="tags">{loop ":" JOB_CODES/}

  <li class="tag-item">&APEX$ITEM.</li>


After adding the template directive to the column, the following formatted data can now be displayed

So there you have it.  APEX developers no longer need to include client-side formatting logic within SQL queries in interactive reports.  

Better yet, the same new Template Directive functionality is now available for Classic reports in APEX 22.2.

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March 21, 2023