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Modernized Object Browser in Oracle APEX 23.1: Navigating Your Development Journey

Oracle APEX, known for its agility in web application development, has introduced a modernized Object Browser, enriching the developer experience and streamlining the navigation of database objects. In this article, we will explore the features and enhancements that come with the Modernized Object Browser in Oracle APEX and understand how it elevates the development journey.

Understanding the Object Browser: Evolution of Object Browsing

The Object Browser in Oracle APEX has undergone a significant transformation, aligning with modern design principles and providing a more intuitive interface for developers. This enhancement is part of Oracle’s commitment to improving the overall usability of the development environment.

Key Features

1. Simplified Navigation

   – The Modernized Object Browser adopts a simplified and streamlined navigation structure, making it easier for developers to find and explore database objects.

2. Responsive Design

   – A responsive and adaptive design ensures a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes, allowing developers to access the Object Browser anytime, anywhere.

3. Enhanced Search Capabilities

   – Improved search functionality enables developers to quickly locate specific database objects, reducing the time spent navigating through the hierarchy.

4. Intuitive Icons and Labels

   – Icons and labels have been revamped to be more intuitive, providing visual cues that enhance the overall user experience. Developers can quickly identify different types of database objects.

5. Interactive Visualization

   – The Modernized Object Browser introduces interactive visualizations, allowing developers to explore relationships between objects more dynamically. This is particularly useful in understanding complex database schemas.

Exploring the Enhanced Object Browser: Navigating the Hierarchy

1. Database Connections

   – Start by connecting to your database, and the Object Browser will present a clear hierarchy of schemas, tables, views, and other database objects.

2. Interactive Tree Structure

   – The interactive tree structure allows developers to expand or collapse nodes to view the contents of each schema or table easily.

3. Quick Search Functionality

   – Use the search bar to quickly find specific objects. The search functionality has been optimized for efficiency, providing instant results as you type.

4. Detailed Object Information

   – Clicking on a database object reveals detailed information, including columns, constraints, and dependencies, providing a comprehensive view for developers.

Responsive Design:

1. Cross-Device Compatibility

   – The responsive design ensures that the Object Browser is accessible and functional across various devices, from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

2. Touch-Friendly Interface

   – Developers can interact with the Object Browser using touch gestures on touch-enabled devices, enhancing the user experience for those on the go.

Visualizing Relationships:

1. Graphical Representation

   – The introduction of graphical representations for relationships between objects facilitates a more visual understanding of the database structure.

2. Dynamic Exploration

   – Developers can explore the relationships dynamically, gaining insights into how different database objects are interconnected.

Incorporating the Modernized Object Browser in Your Workflow: Integration with APEX Development

1. Seamless Integration  

 – The Modernized Object Browser seamlessly integrates with the Oracle APEX development environment, providing a unified experience for developers.

2. Enhanced Productivity

   – With improved navigation and visualization, developers can expect increased productivity as they interact with database objects more efficiently.

3. In-Context Access

   – Developers can access the Object Browser directly from APEX pages, ensuring a smooth transition between designing applications and exploring database objects.


The Modernized Object Browser in Oracle APEX 23.1 marks a significant step forward in providing developers with a user-friendly and feature-rich tool for exploring and understanding database objects. Its responsive design, enhanced search capabilities, and interactive visualizations contribute to a more enjoyable and efficient development experience. As you incorporate the Modernized Object Browser into your workflow, you’ll discover a valuable asset in navigating the intricacies of database structures within Oracle APEX. Happy exploring!

November 29, 2023