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What Do I Need To Become A Vendor Manager?

Vendor management is a field in businesses that are gaining prominence rapidly. As more and more businesses realize the need to manage vendors properly, the demand for vendor managers is hiking up. If you are seeking a career in this line and want to know its path, this article might be what you are looking for. 

Due to the rise in demand for vendor managers, this field of occupation offers quite great scopes for a career. Therefore, if you are considering the role of a vendor manager as an option for a career, it is a wise decision. 

This article will briefly inform you about the scopes, duties, and skills of being a vendor manager, including how you can be one. If you are ready, let us proceed. 

The Duties Of A Vendor Manager

We will start by highlighting a vendor manager’s duties to help you understand its scope better. A vendor manager is a personnel that a company hires to help manage all activities regarding taking care of vendor management. It involves making purchase decisions on behalf of the company. Therefore, it includes the following duties:

  • Conducting assessments and evaluation on available vendors in the market to understand which vendor will fit the company’s expectations 
  • Assessing the capability and quality of vendors by considering their services and products, asking about their policies, negotiating, and maintaining consistent communication for onboarding purposes
  • Structuring onboarding processes to ensure only the best vendors make it onboard
  • Meeting and consistently communicating with selected vendors and conveying them their responsibilities and duties 
  • Developing company standards to assess vendor performances 
  • Collecting and organizing existing vendor information to aid data-based decision making for the company 
  • Constantly reviewing vendor management procedures to look for scopes of improving them further
  • Working towards developing strong and long-lasting bonds with vendors 
  • Consistently reviewing vendor contracts to look for instances of vendor-related risks
  • Canceling contracts of underperforming vendors 

As you can see, a vendor manager thoroughly looks after the management of vendors on behalf of the company. Suppliers and vendors are indispensable to the company, and the vendor manager must ensure that the bond between the suppliers and the company remains on a good note. 

Things You Require To Become A Vendor Manager 

Next, we will look into the requirements you need to prepare to become a vendor manager. You need to have the right skills, educational qualifications, and talents to prepare yourself as a vendor manager. 

For starters, for academic qualifications, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields or something related:

  • Marketing
  • Supply chain management 
  • Business administration 

Other skills that you need to have are as follows:

  • Proficient in major Microsoft office software and tools
  • Sound verbal and written communication skills 
  • Multi-tasking abilities 
  • Willingness to travel for work
  • Robust negotiation and persuasion talents 
  • Should have a keen eye for details
  • Relevant management skills to manage large scale operations and projects 
  • Sound and quick decision-making skills based on immediate situations 
  • Superb organizational skills 
  • Quick and innovative problem-solving and analytical skills 

As for the experience, it would always help to have prior experiences to help build a strong impression about yourself. Alongside all these, you also need to work with primary modern tools. As you are well aware, in the era of technology, we have plenty of modern tools and software that have enabled businesses to reach new heights.

Similarly, for vendor management, we have something called Vendor Management Software or VMS. As a vendor manager, you need to be technologically competent to make your way around with such tools. If anything, these tools will only make your job easier and more efficient. Therefore, you must have a brief idea of such tools. 

How Much Is The Average Salary Of A Vendor Manager? 

Now, coming to the payment structure for the post of vendor manager — multiple factors decide it. For instance, your location is one of the major deciding factors. Other factors include your experience and knowledge of the field. However, the average annual pay for a vendor manager is about $53,926


That is all there is to know about becoming a vendor manager. As you may have already guessed, this field of occupation has a good scope that keeps growing every day. As the business world keeps recognizing the importance and effectiveness of various elements of the business to increase efficiency and productivity, new roles will keep gaining prominence. 

The role of a vendor manager is one such role and thus carries quite a bright future. Therefore, if you wish to pursue this, do so without hesitation. For all the details, come back to this article for more reference. 

January 6, 2023