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2023 Trends: Remove Human Error with Oracle and 3rd Party  ERP Tools

Accessing quality data is advantageous for all enterprises because inaccurate facts and inadequate information hamper prudent decision-making. It results in the wastage of resources, a decline in revenue, poor customer service, and wrong projections. Annually organizations incur millions in costs resulting from imperfect data. 

Read on to learn more about mistakes staff will likely make when using ERP systems, look at possible solutions, and recommend third-party tools for your business.

Improved ERP processes and technology prevent insufficient data.

ERP system integration enhances data quality by eliminating human error, which can be costly to businesses. Making mistakes is easy during data entry: it may be incorrect number typing, entering values in a wrong field, or omitting information. 

Complex systems will make ERP data processing much harder. One of the digital transformation trends in 2023 is integrating data processing tools as businesses attempt to enhance the process and data quality. Technology and digitization will aid in reducing human errors. 

Best Practices for ERP Data to Reduce Errors

Utilize ERP Features and Expertise

Businesses must adopt emerging technical data solutions to address issues brought on by outdated procedures. Manual processes encourage human mistakes, and repetitive tasks can lead to errors. If programs do not integrate, they are less valuable. Businesses may manage and exchange all digital data operations with the aid of contemporary ERP solutions, and there is a need for additional tools.

Working with an ERP professional when looking for a technological solution to find the best way to improve data quality is critical.

Cut down on manual data entry  

Data input errors arise when done manually, and businesses must automate as many ERP data procedures as possible. Still, It’s best to input as little as possible using the Oracle system. 

Making data more accessible to the end user is a fundamental benefit of ERP integration.  Digital tools make data from across the businesses readily available to staff and management.

Data Pre-Validation  

Pre-validation technologies work to reduce the likelihood that incorrect data will enter your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which might reduce your company’s productivity, data accuracy, and ability to make decisions.

When an issue happens, users must immediately know where it is and how to correct it. The program provides immediate error notifications and recommends the best action. Ensure the oAppsNET notifies you in real time for flagged errors.  


Copying and pasting or typing data manually between systems tends to be slow and error-prone. Instead, businesses may use automation to save time and improve accuracy.

Pitfalls of ERP Data Processing Tools that Affect Accuracy

Oracle has several incorporated tools for data management. However, users may find it lacking because they are challenging to use and navigate, which increases the likelihood of mistakes and incorrect data entry into your ERP system. Here are some of the pitfalls; 


Data filling on Oracle forms is exhausting and repetitious. The data is separated into many formats, making the interface unsuitable for bulk data extraction or input. Form parts must be filled out manually and slowly by users. The intricate arrangement of the Oracle forms makes the entire procedure error-prone.

WebADI (Oracle E-Business Suite)

Most users cannot customize spreadsheet layouts using WebADI’s complicated user interface. Instead, users must browse enormous sheets stuffed with pointless fields, which leaves a lot of chances for error. Additionally, to prevent data loss when customizing layouts may require you to call an expert technician for maintenance and patching. 

FBDI (Fusion Cloud Applications)

FBDI templates lack a straightforward mechanism to input data sets as they can be ambiguous and inconsistent. Linking many spreadsheets together is necessary to load numerous parts of data. Users must compare the Excel sheet with feedback on errors with the presentation in another document making it difficult to interpret and to make changes. Pre-validation of the data is also not possible.

ADFdi (Fusion Cloud Applications)

ADFdi is easier to use than FBDI. However, it only has a few applications. Users can only view a single field at any moment, and there is no option to view every detail of a chunk of data simultaneously. Catching faults is less probable with this constrained viewpoint. 

An External Tool for Better ERP Data Processing

oAppsNET software is a viable solution for users worldwide and many businesses. It seamlessly connects with the Oracle system, enabling users to create and update ERP data using spreadsheets from Microsoft. Oracle ERP data management is made simple and error rates significantly reduce using oAppsNET software. 

Users of oAppsNET can access all of Excel’s features, such as formulae, predefined values, and copy & paste. Users may eliminate many laborious, tedious, and error-prone components of maintaining Oracle data. Spreadsheets are readily customizable to display pertinent columns, minimizing confusion and mistakes while handling information for Oracle ERP. 

Oracle components like search buttons, dropdown options, and timestamps within the spreadsheet aid in maintaining accurate data. Businesses enhance data quality further by pre-validation before uploading and real-time error reporting. The oAppsNET program identifies each inaccuracy in the datasheet. It provides users with specific warnings detailing how to correct errors so they can proceed quickly and effectively.

Users may immediately evaluate the modifications in Oracle after importing data or exporting tasks directly to the worksheet to ensure users make all necessary changes. Instead of viewing a single item at a time, users of oAppsNET may view multiple data fields simultaneously. 

These capabilities aid in returning data control and ownership to company owners using oAppsNET solutions. Teams may increase accuracy and reduce reliance on IT by spotting and fixing problems as they happen. 

The Final Thoughts

Companies may eliminate manual data entry and improve the process by utilizing oAppsNET. The tool automates procedures, significantly enhancing data quality. More outstanding reporting, insights, and decision-making result from superb data quality.

Everyone benefits from this as it saves time tracking errors and correcting them, freeing your team members from tedious data input responsibilities. 

Learn how the data loading tools from oAppsNET will improve the correctness of your ERP data. Contact a specialist immediately to discuss your requirements and request a free trial.

May 2, 2023