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Company Build Vs Buy

Businesses handle loads of data daily, which is crucial to operations. Small and large enterprises can benefit from data loading tools. An efficient system will help with data management and analytics. 

Studies show that companies lose millions of dollars annually due to poor data quality. 

Despite being sufficient for business needs, there are certain restrictions to utilizing the Oracle ERP program for data processing. You could discover that entering data into the system takes time, and the forms aren’t easy to use.

A solution to the problem would be integrating data processing tools. Enterprises can get it free, use software developers, or from a tech company like oAppsNET: It will speed up data loading. 

Integrating Digital Tools

Nowadays, enterprises largely depend on technology for business growth and to enhance processes.  Companies with a developed digital strategy attribute their achievements to technology. Innovation may promote development and profit, but it requires a lot of preparation and strategy.  

The two main options when choosing business management tools are build vs. purchase. “Build” means a system developer customizes the program according to the customer’s needs before implementing a digital solution. The “buy” option is getting pre-made software to address a particular business need. 

Free Tools for Oracle EBS Data Loading 

An example of a free application from Oracle is Oracle EBS WebADI, which enables data entry into well-known apps like Microsoft Office.

Users need not download any extra software to use this tool because it is already available in the Oracle EBS data loading system. The Oracle EBS server incorporates security features and controls the program.

Still, there are limitations to using WebADI, much like Oracle. It never improves the data loading, and the interface is often challenging to use, requiring skilled users. 

Customized Data Loading Program

This option involves technicians writing specialized code and scripts for Oracle data processing software according to the business requirements. It requires experts to undertake tasks that might be costly for small enterprises or start-ups. 

Programming takes time and necessitates code adjustments for each Oracle EBS data load update. Businesses will also lose a valuable employee if one of your expert’s departments quits the company. 

Third-Party Software 

Another option is to purchase technologies from third-party firms in the industry, like Dataloader and oAppsNET. It is an affordable and effective solution to improving the Oracle EBS data loading system.

Enterprises can integrate Oracle into an Excel front-end and streamline data loading. There are dozens of digital tools that integrate with the most recent editions of Microsoft Office and streamline your Oracle EBS data processing. 

The Benefits of oAppsNET

oAppsNET platform enables you to use Oracle’s complete capabilities within a comfortable interface like Microsoft or Google worksheets, unlike other alternatives provided by rivals like Dataloader, More 4 Apps and Excel 4 Apps.

Our user-friendly solutions remain centered on the end user. The objective is to keep accurate data even while handling massive volumes. oAppsNET assists with simple Oracle ERP data loading procedures, so your team may focus more on technical business activities.

Our licensing structure is based on the number of transactions so it’s not a User based license.

Looking for more information about integrating data loading solutions? Contact us right now or grab a free whitepaper from our official website. 

Factors to Consider

Before determining whether to manufacture or purchase software, you must consider all pertinent factors. Evaluate several aspects, including the project’s objectives, the initial cost, ongoing maintenance, etc. In addition to organizational concerns, you must consider how outsiders interact with them.

Below is what to bear in mind:

  1. The Cost

Companies operate on a budget and must always search for the most affordable options. However, the financial burden of IT initiatives may add up very rapidly. Costs associated with the original development, support, testing, updates, and market status are things to consider. Also, more than half of IT projects take longer than expected. 

Purchasing a program has a significant upfront expense but is a valuable investment for the long term. Since it is a developed product, organizations use it as it is and do not face unforeseen challenges associated with building software from scratch. Still, businesses save on costs and avoid the hassles of developing their application.  

  1. Configurations

You should also consider how much you’ll require to configure the digital tool to suit your existing system. Most software developers and vendors provide customizable templates, meaning you receive a packaged version, which you may easily alter according to requirements. There is less space for error because the layout is simple, and tweaking the application won’t be difficult.   

Software development requires more money and prolonged maintenance than buying pre-made digital tools. The implementation will take longer because of the coding process. 

  1. Design

Users must find it simple to use the program to get the best outcome from its integration. Software should be straightforward to use, regardless of if you are buying or creating it. If your instrument is difficult to use, it beats the purpose of investing in it. A user-friendly design allows any member of the staff to learn it.

Besides affecting the output, the software design will determine the customer experience.  The right technology needs to digitize and streamline processes.       

  1. Security

Another thing to consider is company security when investing in digital tools. It is essential if your business involves handling highly private data. Think carefully about data security and its associated risks. You can be safe by strengthening the firewall to lessen the chance of data breaches.

  1. Maintenance

Finally, think about your technology in the long term by determining future maintenance and support needs. If you choose to build, it is best to utilize the same team who created it for upgrades and scaling up, making it challenging to do urgent maintenance or repairs. 

Purchasing software is effective because another technician can handle the designs without relying on the service provider for support, updating, and maintenance. 


Buying technology or developing it from the ground up is one of the most pressing for businesses. 

It is necessary to consider the features of business management applications to pick the right product. The insights in this read will help with choosing the best solution fitting your business’s requirements.

May 11, 2023