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Tricentis Automated Testing

Today’s enterprises are undertaking a digital transformation to boost speed, agility, and innovation while keeping an eye on costs. Yet, traditional software testing hasn’t evolved with the new world of Agile and DevOps—not to mention the complexity of large, enterprise apps— and has become the #1 barrier to software release speed and agility.

The oAppsNet Group has partnered with Tricentis to offer a new way to tackle software testing in which the main goal is to accelerate the software delivery process.  With Tricentis Automated Testing the approach is totally automated, fully codeless, and intelligently driven by AI.

Accelerate Release Speed

Leveraging artificial intelligence and the efficiencies of the cloud, you can accelerate software delivery by reducing test cycle times by as much as 80%.

Reduce Testing Costs

The Tricentis platform is AI-driven and codeless, helping you eliminate error-prone manual testing and achieve end-to-end test automation rates >90% to reduce costs.

Increase Software Quality

Boost release confidence and obtain business risk coverage >85%. The quality of your software goes up. The stress of your day goes down.

AI-Powered Impact Analysis

With Tricentis’s AI-powered impact analysis, you see exactly where the business risks lie in an application update. You know which tests to run or create to verify that business processes will run flawlessly—reducing testing efforts by 85% and increasing release speed three-fold.

Start accelerating release times by testing only what matters. [Schedule an assessment today!]

Agile Test Management

Tricentis’ qTest offers Agile Test Management solutions designed to improve speed, efficiency, and visibility throughout the software delivery lifecycle. qTest keeps teams connected with Test Management that seamlessly integrates with the most popular Agile and DevOps tools, such as Jira, Jenkins, Selenium, and more.







Tricentis’ qTest Manager provides an intuitive experience for test execution. With qTest, you can plan, assign, and execute your tests with confidence. This offers visibility into your entire life cycle across projects, builds, cycles, suites, and more.

Unlike other testing tools, qTest’s test execution capabilities aren’t limited to one methodology. Whether your team is focused on manual, automated, or exploratory testing, qTest Manager has you covered.

No-Code Automated Continuous Testing – ORACLE

Manual testing is the biggest roadblock to rapid software innovation.

Test automation delivers 90%+ automation rates while significantly reducing maintenance. Easily automate your end-to-end testing within Oracle—all while saving time and money.

Why choose oAppsNet Group?

It’s simple. Our partnership with Tricentis offers an end-to-end automation platform that is built for the enterprise from the ground up. Count on model-based automation with complete enterprise reporting and analytics from the industry leader, Tricentis.