Fintech Changes the Way Businesses Interact

You may think that your life is not affected by financial technology but it’s all around us. Fintech is using new software and technology to change the way people pay for things and is the driving force behind the advances in cryptocurrency. These services are available to your business and are a healthy investment to make for the future.

Beyond ACH

Checks and related Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to taking care of your vendors. But cost matters when we process payments. In this blog we discuss some potentially cheaper ways to pay your vendors/suppliers besides checks and ACH.

Risk concept on speedometer. Vector icon
Internal Control for Accounts Payable

Employees and outsiders may be taking advantage of your weak internal control system for your accounts payable to siphon extra money off the top. We’ll explain the downsides of a weak internal control, how to identify these problems, and how to make your internal control system even more effective.

AP Automation Testing

A risk-reward calculus is at the heart of most companies’ decision-making when it comes to AP Automation Testing. When a company aspires to the gold standard of DevOps (software development and IT operations combined), they have a critical decision to make about how much automation should be implemented into their testing. We’ll discuss the factors that must be considered first.

Local Food Pantries: How Companies Can Support Them

According to the Washington Post “about 26 million people say they don’t have enough to eat as the pandemic worsens” and, as we enter a new calendar year, as many as 12 million may have lost their unemployment benefits. oApps Group has put a plan in place to help, and we can help you get started on your own campaign, too.

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